Catalytic Coupling of Nitroalkanes and Alkenes – Pre-Print Now Online

In a paper appearing this morning in ChemRxiv, we report the Pd(II)-catalyzed coupling of nitroalkanes and alkenes using a directed carbopalladation strategy. The combined use of PdI2 as precatalyst and HFIP as solvent proved to be uniquely effective in activating nitroalkane pronucleophiles. This finding can be leveraged in chemorthogonal activation of bis-nucleophilic coupling partners under different conditions. The resulting C(sp3)-NO2 group in the product is a versatile functional handle that can be converted into myriad useful functional groups, granting access to product structures that are otherwise difficult to prepare. Bravo to the team: Amit, Warabhorn (Por), Hui-Qi, and John!

For a link to the ChemRxiv pre-print, click here: