The Team


Administrative Staff

Carrie Gabaldon, Administrative Assistant
• carrieg(at)

Postdoctoral Fellows

De-Wei Gao, PD1
• dwgao(at)
• Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, 2016, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry  (S.-L. You)
• B.Sc. in Chemistry, 2011, Northeast Forestry University (J. Peng)

IMG_6526 (1)
Malkanthi K. Karunananda
, PD1
• Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2017, University of Illinois, Chicago  (N.P. Mankad)
• B.Sc. in Chemistry, 2010, University of Kelaniya

Jose M. Medina, PD1
• jmedina(at)
• Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2017, UCLA (N.K. Garg)
• B.S. in Chemistry, 2011, CSU Channel Islands (P. D. Hampton)

Sri Krishna Nimmagadda
• Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2016, University of South Florida  (J.C. Antilla)
• M.Sc. in Chemistry, 2007, Andhra University
• B.Sc. in Chemistry, 2005, Acharya Nagarjuna University


Joseph Derosa
, G3
• jderosa(at)
• NSF Graduate Research Fellow
• B.S. in Biochemistry, 2015, The City College of New York (M. R. Biscoe)

John A. Gurak, G3
• jgurak(at)
• NSF Graduate Research Fellow
• B.S. in Biochemistry, 2015, UT Arlington (F. W. Foss)

IMG_6545 (1)
Tanner Jankins, G1
• jankinst(at)
• B.S. in Chemistry, 2017, Northeastern University (J. Ichikawa; J. Khusnutdinova)

Mingyu Liu, G2
• mingyu(at)
• B.S. in Chemistry, 2016, Nankai University (B.-T. Guan; Z. Hou)

Zhen Liu, G3
• zhenliu(at)
• B.S. in Chemistry, 2015, Peking University (J. Wang)

image1 (4)

Rei Matsuura, G2
• matsuura(at)
• B.S. in Chemistry, 2016, Princeton University (R. R. Knowles)

image3 (3)

Andrew Romine, G2
• aromine(at)
• B.S. in Chemistry, 2016, Caltech (R. H. Grubbs; V. V. Grushin)

image2 (3)
Van Tran, G2
• tranvan(at)
• B.S. in Chemistry, 2016, UPenn (M. C. Kozlowski)



Vincent van der Puyl, UG4
• vavander(at)
• TSRI SURF Intern
• Major: Chemistry

Yiyang (Elaine) Xiao
, UG4
• yiyangx(at)
• NKU College of Chemistry International Research Scholar
• Nankai University (P. Tang)
• Major: Chemistry

Pusu Yang
, UG4
• pusuyang(at)
• NKU College of Chemistry International Research Scholar
• Nankai University (B.-T. Guan)
• Major: Chemistry

Tian (May) Zeng
, UG4
• tzeng(at)
• Major: Chemistry


Hermione, 3rd Year Puppy


Though we are a young group, Keary has extensive experience mentoring younger students and takes immense pride in their accomplishments inside and outside of the laboratory. Students who have worked with Keary in the past have gone on to successful career paths in a range of different disciplines.

Former Postdocs

Miriam O’Duill
• DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow,  TSRI (Engle group, 2015–2017)
• D.Phil., University of Oxford (V. Gouverneur, 2011–2015)
• M. Chem., University of Oxford (V. Gouverneur, 2007–2011)
• Currently: Assistant Professor, NUI Galway (O’Duill Lab website)

Kin S. Yang
• Postdoctoral Fellow,  TSRI (Engle group, 2015–2016)
• Ph.D., University of Chicago (V. H. Rawal, 2010–2015)
• B.S. in Chemistry, Syracuse University (D. C. Dittmer and B. S. Hudson, 2006–2010)
• Currently: Gilead

Former Undergrads and Visiting Students

Mark N. Boulous
• Undergrad Researcher with J.D. (2015–2017)
• B.S. in Molecular Biology, UCSD, 2017
• Currently: TBD

Annabelle L. Cantu
• RISE Fellow with J.D. (2016)
• B.S. in Chemistry, Cal State Long Beach, 2017  (M. P. Schramm)
• Currently: Ph.D. Student at UCLA (H. Nelson)

Denise Kahler
• DAAD RISE Fellow with J.A.G. (2017)
• Currently: Undergraduate Student at LMU München (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Huiqi Ni
• USTC Summer Exchange Scholar with Z.L. (2017)
• Currently: 3rd Year Undergraduate at USTC (X. Wang)

Miranda M. Sroda
• Undergrad Researcher with J.A.G. (2016–2017)
• B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, UCSD, 2017
• Currently: Ph.D. Student at UCSB (J. Read de Alaniz)

Joshua L. Turnbull
• KCL Chemistry Alumni Overseas Summer Scholar with M.O.D. (2016)
• B.Sci. in Chemistry with Biomedicine, King’s College London, 2017
• Currently: Ph.D. Student at UC Berkeley

Zichen (Forrest) Wang
• College of Chemistry International Research Scholar with Z.L. (2016–2017)
• B.S. in Chemistry, Nankai University, 2017 (S.-F. Zhou)
• Currently: Ph.D. Student at SIOC (Z. Huang)

Former High School Students

Daizy M. De La Torre
• High School Researcher with J.D. and A.L.C. (2016)
• Southwest High School High School, 2017
• Currently: Undergraduate Student at UC Berkeley

Forrest Graham
• High School Researcher with J.A.G (2017)
• Currently: Senior at Valhalla High School

Jessica E. Xu
• High School Researcher with J.A.G. (2016)
• Maranatha Christian High School, 2017
• Currently: Undergraduate Student at MIT

Keary’s Former Mentees (Before TSRI)

Shao-Xiong (Lennon) Luo
• Undergraduate Researcher with K.M.E. (Grubbs group, Caltech, 2014–2015)
• B.S. in Chemistry, Caltech, 2017
• Currently: Ph.D. Student at MIT (T. Swager)

Maximilian Koy
• DAAD RISE Fellow with K.M.E. (Grubbs group, Caltech, 2014)
• B.S. in Chemistry, University of Stuttgart, 2014
• M. S. in Chemistry, University of Stuttgart, 2016 (M. R. Buchmeiser)
• Currently: Ph.D. Student at WWU Münster (F. Glorius)

George W. Pidgeon
• Undergraduate Researcher with K.M.E. (Gouverneur group, Oxford, 2012–2013)
• M.Chem., Worchester College, University of Oxford
• Currently: Lead Teacher of Chemistry, King Solomon Academy, UK

David W. Shia
• High School Intern with K.M.E. (Yu group, TSRI, 2009–2010)
• B.S. in Biology, UCLA, 2015 (M. E. Jung)
• Currently: M.D./Ph.D. (MSTP) Student at UCLA

Michael Dang
• High School Intern with K.M.E. (Yu group, TSRI, 2009–2010)
• B.S. in Computer Science, UCLA, 2015
• Currently: Airbnb