Denise Starts Her 7 week internship

Denise Kahler has joined the Engle Lab for a 7 week internship as a DAAD RISE Fellow from LMU München.  Even on her first day, she set up some reactions to make a series of new ligands with John.  Denise also joins fellow intern Elaine as the second cycling commuter of the Engle Lab.


Chemistry Outreach Event with Visitors from Zhejiang University of Technology

Today undergraduate chemistry students from Zhejiang University of Technology visited the Engle Lab to do some experiments and see what life in a research lab is like.  Vincent and Zhen  helped conduct a urea polymerization, Rei and Tanner held a “weighing challenge” in the glovebox, and Mingyu and Jose ran the iodine clock experiment.  The students had a great time seeing what an international research lab is like and are looking forward to the rest of their trip to Las Vegas and LA.

Engle Lab Receives NIH Support

The Engle lab is thrilled to announce that we have received our first NIH grant, the Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA) for Early Stage Investigators (R35). We are honored to received support from the NIH and hope to put it to good use for the advancement of science.

For a write-up in TSRI News and Views, click here.
For a link to the funding announcement, click here.

Engle Lab Beach BBQ

The Engle lab took time away from lab to enjoy some time on the beach to celebrate Forrest’s completion of his internship and to welcome Pusu and Elaine to the group. Even though the skies were grey, we were not deterred. We grilled a lot of good food, relaxed in the sand, played volleyball and soccer, and wrapped up the night up with a game of Werewolf. Awesome way to wind down the summer!

Original NMR Files Now Available in Publications

As of last week, the Engle lab has begun publishing original NMR spectra (as MNova zip files)  with all papers. Our goal is make it easier for end-users to adopt new reactions from our laboratory and to promote the highest possible levels of transparency in chemical research.  Check out the Supporting Information pages for our recent alkene dicarbofunctionalization and carboamination reactions for more details. Spectrometer files (FIDs) are also available upon request.


Hydroamination Review is Online

John’s new review article, “Regioselective Hydroamination Using a Directed Nucleopalladation/Protodepalladation Approach,” is online as of this morning at Synlett. The article covers the historical context for our group’s work in this area, published results from our laboratory, as well as outlook and perspective. Thanks to the Editorial Board at Synlett for the awesome opportunity to contribute this Synpact article, and congrats to John on a well-written piece! Click here for a link to the paper.

hydroamination review

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Tanner Arrives and Begins Research in the Engle Lab

After a diverse set of research experiences at GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, University of Tsukuba (J. Ichikawa), and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (J. Khusnutdinova), Tanner Jankins begins graduate school at TSRI in the Engle lab. A graduate of Northeastern University, Tanner wasted no time jumping into the lab to begin preparing new ligand scaffolds, while still finding time to hit the beach for some surfing.