Literature Reviews

11/07/2019 (Gao, Y.) Alkene Hydrosilation
10/17/2019 (Oxtoby, L.) Clandestine Chemistry
04/11/2019 (Derosa, J.) Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer
03/28/2019 (Romine, A.) Chemistry of Fragrance
03/21/2019 (Karunananda, M.) Water Oxidation
03/07/2019 (Jankins, T.) Career Review; Gregory Hillhouse
11/01/2018 (Matsuura, R.) Computer-Assisted Reaction Optimization
09/25/2018 (Liu, M.) Metal–Metal Bonds: Reactivity and Catalysis
08/18/2018 (Liu, Z.) Asymmetric Radical Reactions
08/18/2018 (Gao, Y.) Late-Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Olefin Polymerization
08/09/2018 (Gurak, J.) The Medicinal Chemist’s Repertoire
08/02/2018 (Tran, V.) Captodative Effect
07/28/2018 (Derosa, J.) Z-type Ligands
07/21/2018 (Romine, A.) Chemistry of Dyes
04/12/2018 (Jankins, T.) Metal Ligand Cooperation
03/10/2018 (Karunananda, M.) N2O Activation
02/28/2018 (Medina, J.) Phase Transfer Catalysis
08/31/2017 (Liu, M.) Iron-Catalysed Coupling Reactions
07/10/2017 (Matsuura, R.) Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
06/29/2017 (Tran, V.) Frustrated Lewis Pairs (FLPs)
06/22/2017 (Romine, A.) A Chemical Exploration of Explosives
05/18/2017 (O’Duill, M.) Depolymerization of Perfluoroalkyl/Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
03/30/2017 (Gurak, J.) Sulfines
03/09/2017 (Derosa, J.) Oxorhenium Species in Catalysis
02/22/2017 (Liu, Z.) Nature Chemistry: Year-in-Review (2016)
08/19/2016 (Yang, K.) Synthetic Chemistry and Medicine
08/04/2016 (O’Duill, M.) Supramolecular Anion Sensing
04/21/2016 (Gurak, J.) Pincer Ligands
01/21/2016 (Derosa, J.) Ferrocene
01/07/2016 (Liu, Z.) Career-in-Review: Neil K. Garg