Huge congratulations to the Class of 2018! The Engle lab is incredibly proud of our recent college and high school graduates, who are moving on to incredible graduate and undergraduate programs around the world!

Undergrads/Visiting Undergrads

Vincent van der Puyl (UCSD): The Scripps Research Institute (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Yiyang (Elaine) Xiao (Nankai U): Peking U (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Pusu Yang (Nankai U): SIOC (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Tian (May) Zeng (UCSD): Caltech (Ph.D. in Chemistry)

High School Student

Forrest Graham (Valhalla High School): Caltech


New summer undergraduate Tim Joins the Lab

Tim Gallagher joins The Engle Lab (mentor Van) for as summer research intern where he hopes to hone in his organometallics knowledge and enjoy the beautiful beaches of southern California. Tim is originally from northern Vermont where he enjoys skiing and snowboarding and will be a 4th year student at Claremont Mckenna College this fall (Wenzel Lab).

Van advances to candidacy

Congrats to super second-year grad student Van Tran, who passed her qual exam with flying colors! Van is the first member of the second class of grad students in the Engle lab to advance to candidacy. Way to go, Van!

New Review on Conjunctive Cross-Coupling

Congrats to Joe, Van, and Vincent for publication of their invited review on conjunctive cross-coupling which appears online today in Aldrichimica Acta! The review focuses on advances in the use of carbon–carbon π-bonds as conjuctive reagents, or synthetic lynchpins, to merge two conventional reactive fragments under transition metal catalysis. For a link to the article, click here. Way to go team!



Directed 1,2-Dialkylation of Alkenes – Now In Press

Our paper describing directed 1,2-dialkylation of alkenyl carbonyl compounds via nickel catalysis is now online in Chem. Sci. This work represents the first method for controlled introduction of differentiated alkyl groups onto an non-conjugated alkene and offers exciting potential for generating densely functionalized products with high-sp3 content in a rapid manner. Congrats to the authors, Joe, Vincent, Van, and Mingyu! Special shout out to undergraduate co-author and TSRI-SURF program alum Vincent. Click here for a link to the paper. A pre-print of this work was published on ChemRxiv back in January (click here).