May Joins the Engle Lab!

Making her way from UCSD, Tian “May” Zeng has officially joined the Engle Lab’s ranks to pursue her passion for chemistry. Eager to begin her research in organometallic methods, May was quick to hone her skills in the lab in only a matter of days (and with an energetic positive attitude)!

Nature News & Views

Congratulations to Kin on his News & Views piece, “Precision Pruning of Molecules,” which appeared in todays issue of Nature. The article highlights a recent breakthrough by the research group of Prof. Huw M. L. Davies at Emory University, on the C2-selective C–H functionalization of linear aliphatic compounds (e.g., pentane).

davies chemdraw_submissionTo learn more, click here for Kin’s write-up and here for the original paper. To learn more about the NSF Center for Stereoselective C–H Functionalization, which helped sponsor the research, click here.