Annabelle Completes Her Summer Research

After an amazingly productive 11 weeks, Annabelle’s last day in the Engle lab has arrived, and everyone is sad to see her go. After finishing her internship, Annabelle plans to take an indulgent one-day summer vacation before return to CSULB. She leaves TSRI equipped with a broader base of chemistry knowledge, a new group of lifelong friends, and a summer’s worth of fond memories. We can’t wait to see Annabelle thrive in grad school and in her research career down the road! Props Joe for being an awesome mentor throughout the summer.

Engle Lab Scavenger Hunt + Beach Party

In order to celebrate a two-week stretch in which we welcomed an outstanding new class of first-year graduate students and bid farewell to our wonderful high school interns, the Engle lab took part in its first group scavenger hunt. May planned a fast-paced, action-filled trek around UCSD, finishing with a leisurely hike from the Birch Aquarium down to the beach. A fun evening of burrito eating, swimming, and burying unsuspecting PIs in the sand ensued. Special thanks to May, May’s friend Pearl, and John for helping to organize a great day.

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Daizy and Jessica Finish Their Internships

Wrapping up their final week in the Engle lab with gripping lectures and stimulating poster presentations, Jessica and Daizy conclude their seven-week internship at TSRI. Though everyone in the lab is sad to see them go, we can’t wait to watch as these two young women take the science world by storm next year in college and beyond. Thanks for the great memories, Jessica and Daizy! Also, props to their awesome lab mentors, John, Joe, and Annabelle, for helping to make it a great summer for our interns!


Van Joins the Engle Lab!

After braving four harsh winters in the tundras of Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, Van returned to the sweet shores of California to satiate her desire to further impact the field of organic chemistry in the Engle Lab. Honing her skills in the Kozlowski lab, Van studied hydrogen bonding colorimetric sensors in the field of organocatalysis. Eager to add the powerful applications of transition metals in organometallic chemistry to her mastery list, Van was quick to don a TSRI lab coat and organize her bench.