Protodepalladation Review Online

Several of the directed hydrofunctionalization reactions developed in our lab employ protodepalladation as one of the key steps. In this type of reaction, a C–Pd(II) bond is converted into a C–H bond and a free Pd(II) species under the action of a Brønsted acid. To shed light on this interesting and arguably underutilized elementary step, our former postdoc Miriam (now running an independent group at NUI Galway) has penned a Review article, which just appeared online today in Synthesis (click here). Congrats to Miriam on this contribution!


paper photo_2

New Undergraduate Hanh Joins the Lab

Hanh (Hannah) Nguyen is the newest undergraduate member of the Engle Lab and is joining us from down the street at UCSD. She is working with Tanner (G2) on carbonylation chemistry and wasted no time setting up some high throughput screening in Scripps Automated Synthesis Facility in her first week. Welcome Hanh!

Ziyang Nick finishes his summer internship

After a productive summer in lab, Ziyang (Nick) heads back to USTC to start his junior year. Nick had a fun time exploring San Diego and was the star player at the Engle Lab summer beach outing volleyball game. We wish Nick good luck in his future chemistry and hope he’ll visit next year!