Controlled Hydrochlorination of Alkynes with HCl

In the Engle lab’s first paper of 2017, the team of Joe, Annabelle, Mark, Miriam, Josh, Zhen, and Daizy describe a new catalytic method to effect regio- and stereoselective addition of HCl to alkynes using a directed nucleopalladation strategy. The paper appears today in the Just Accepted section of J. Am. Chem. Soc. Well done, everyone! Special congrats to the three undergraduate co-authors, Annabelle, Mark, and Josh, as well as Daizy, the Engle lab’s first-ever high school student co-author! Click here for a link to the paper.

IMG_2378(not pictured: Annabelle, Josh, and Daizy)

Forrest finishes his internship

The Engle lab bids farewell to Zichen (Forrest) Wang, who has completed his 6-month internship. After an inspiring and productive stay at Scripps, Forrest returns to Nankai University equipped with a group of lifelong friends, new chemistry knowledge, a refined appreciation for hamburgers, and improved laser tag skills.

Lab Tours + Demos with Partners in Science

For the second straight year, the Engle lab hosted a group of high school teachers from across the United States through the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust – Partners in Science Program. The Partners in Science Program provides opportunities for high school teachers to work with investigators in academic labs or in labs associated with other non-profit institutions to bring the knowledge and experience back to classroom, promoting hands-on science education. Members of the Engle lab explained our group’s research, organized a series of hands-on activities, and even coaxed a few brave teachers into the glovebox.

Sri joins as the Engle lab’s newest postdoc

The Engle lab is pleased to usher in 2017 by welcoming its newest postdoc, Sri Krishna Nimmagadda. Sri originally hails from Chirala, India, and completed his Ph.D. with Jon C. Antilla at the University of South Florida, where his research focused on the catalytic asymmetric synthesis using chiral phosphoric acids and alkaline earth metal phosphate complexes.

2016 Engle Lab Holiday Party

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To wind down an awesome 2016, the Engle lab held its annual holiday party, which featured far too much tasty food (ranging from kimchi fried rice to egg nog fudge to Popeye’s “Christmas” chicken), a white elephant gift exchange, and games late into the evening. Throughout the night, Hermione was quick to remind everyone that it was her birthday party too!