Bridges Program Visits TSRI

For the second year running, TSRI hosted a group of students and educators from the North San Diego County Bridges to the Future Program, an NIH-sponsored collaborative program among CSU San Marcos, Palomar College, and MiraCosta College. The goal of the program is to prepare students from underrepresented ethnic and racial groups at community colleges for seamless transition to four-year colleges. Keary kicked off the half-day visit with an overview of research in the Engle lab. Students then participated in a series of lab tours and hands-on activities with the Ward, Lamia, Romesberg, Sharpless, and Engle labs.

N-Alkylation of 2-Pyridones with Alkenes

In a manuscript appearing online today in Tetrahedron, John, Van, and Miranda report a new method to effect intermolecular N-alkylation of 2-pyridones using an alkene as the alkylating reagent. The reaction employs a directed nucleopalladation/protodepalladation strategy and functions with a range of 2-pyridones and related aza-heterocycles. Special congratulations to our undergraduate co-author, Miranda, who also just completed her undergraduate degree at UCSD! The manuscript is part of a special issue celebrating Prof. Ang Li’s 2017 Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award. Click here for a link to the manuscript. Way to go, team!


IMG_2549(not pictured: Miranda)

Controlled Hydrochlorination of Alkynes with HCl

In the Engle lab’s first paper of 2017, the team of Joe, Annabelle, Mark, Miriam, Josh, Zhen, and Daizy describe a new catalytic method to effect regio- and stereoselective addition of HCl to alkynes using a directed nucleopalladation strategy. The paper appears today in the Just Accepted section of J. Am. Chem. Soc. Well done, everyone! Special congrats to the three undergraduate co-authors, Annabelle, Mark, and Josh, as well as Daizy, the Engle lab’s first-ever high school student co-author! Click here for a link to the paper.

IMG_2378(not pictured: Annabelle, Josh, and Daizy)

Forrest finishes his internship

The Engle lab bids farewell to Zichen (Forrest) Wang, who has completed his 6-month internship. After an inspiring and productive stay at Scripps, Forrest returns to Nankai University equipped with a group of lifelong friends, new chemistry knowledge, a refined appreciation for hamburgers, and improved laser tag skills.