2019 Organometallics Class is a Wrap

This week marks the end of the 2019 Scripps Research Organometallics class. Thanks to our stellar group of guest lecturers: Prof. Valerie Schmidt (UCSD), Drs. John Phillips and Adam Johns (Materia), Dr. Martin Eastgate (BMS), Prof. Hans Renata, and Dr. Ryan Patman (Pfizer). Also props to our super-dedicated TAs, Joe Derosa and Tyler St. Denis, whose tireless effort helped make the class a success. In case you missed it, you can find all of the course materials on our website (click here) and the full lecture playlist on YouTube (click here).

Carrie moves on to a new position

After 15 years of dedicated service as an Administrative Assistant at Scripps Research, including managing the Engle Lab during its first 4 years of existence, Carrie is heading off to a new adventure with a local startup company, MiNDERA, founded by former Scripps Research faculty member Dr. Tobin Dickerson. Though we are sad to see her go, we wish her the best of luck in the existing next step! Thanks for everything Carrie! You’ll always be a part of the Scripps Research and Engle Lab families!

John receives his PhD and is off to BMS Process

The first student to join the Engle Lab in summer 2015 is the first to graduate and depart for greener pastures. Following a successful these defense back on April 25, 2019, John tied up loose ends during the past month, and is now on a cross-country road trip to New Brunswick, NJ, where he will join the amazing Process Chemistry team at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Thanks for your innumerable contributions to the lab over the past 4 years and many great memories! Congrats Dr. Gurak, we’ll miss you!

Jiahao completes his internship and returns to China

We bid farewell to star undergrad intern Jiahao Chen, who heads back to China this week. Jiahao gave a super wrap-up talk describing his work on directed alkene difunctionalization under the mentorship of Zhen. His research experience in the Engle lab marked his first time gaining exposure to transition metal catalysis research after previous experiences in radical chemistry with Prof. Jie Wu at Fudan University and in total synthesis and medicinal chemistry with Prof. Mingji Dai at Purdue University. Next up: studying for the GRE and getting ready for grad school applications. Thank for your hard work and great attitude, Jiahao! Thanks too to Zhen for great mentorship throughout the spring!

Xin Wraps up Her Internship!

Rockstar visiting student, Xin, wrapped up her internship as a CSC Scholar fron Nankai Medical School. Technically, her last day was the 20th but it’s the 26th and she’s still working hard! She’s done some amazing work on intramolecular hydrofunctionalization and we’re excited to see what she does next! Thanks for spending the year with us, we’ll miss you!

Welcome Back Rohan!

High schooler Rohan begins his second summer internship with us! This time around, he’s working with Mingyu! Check out his blog to follow his progress during the next few weeks (click here).