Rohan Marsters joins the Engle Lab

Rohan Marsters joins the Engle Lab for a month-long internship as part of the High Tech High Internship Program. Rohan was quick to get his (gloved) hands dirty with compound purification by column chromatography. You can follow Rohan as he blogs about his experiences in the Engle lab at TSRI here.


2017 Engle Lab Holiday + Miriam’s Going Away Party

The Engle lab celebrated it’s 3rd annual holiday party in style, with great food, lively conversation, and fun games. We also bid farewell to the lab’s second postdoc, Miriam, who is starting her independent research group at NUI Galway. Thanks for your myriad contributions to the group, Miriam — we will miss you dearly! Lastly (and perhaps most importantly) we also answered the age-old question of how many Ph.D. students does it take to change a lightbulb.

Engle Lab paintball outing

Everyone took a break Saturday to play paintball before visiting undergraduate Denise returned to Munich to finish her final semester.  Although Zhen’s lab coat protects him from chemicals in the lab, it didn’t help from having paintballs fly at him in the arena.  Thanks to all the members who came out and good luck to Denise in her future chemistry career!