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DAY 1: Strong Inference + Main Group Organometallics
Worksheet • Lecture Video ALecture Video B
DAY 2: Organotransition Metal Complexes: History, Structure, and Bonding I
Worksheet • Lecture Video ALecture Video B
DAY 3: Organotransition Metal Complexes: History, Structure, and Bonding II
WorksheetLecture Video
DAY 4: Elementary Reactions I
Worksheet • Lecture Video
DAY 5: Elementary Reactions II
Worksheet • Lecture Video
DAY 6: Elementary Reactions III
Worksheet • Lecture Video
DAY 7: Carbenes and Other M–C and M–X Multiple Bonds
Worksheet • Lecture Video
DAY 8: Principles of Catalysis and Ancillary Ligand Design
Worksheet • Lecture Video
DAY 9: Catalytic Hydrogenation
WorksheetLecture Video
DAY 10: GUEST – Catalytic Cycloadditions (V. Schmidt, UCSD)
Lecture Video
DAY 11: Catalytic Carbonylation
Worksheet • Lecture Video

DAY 13: Wacker- and Heck-Type Alkene Addition
Worksheet • Lecture Video

DAY 14: Allylic Substitution
Worksheet • Lecture Video

DAY 15: Olefin Metathesis
Worksheet • Lecture Video

DAY 16: Catalytic Cross-Coupling
Worksheet • Lecture Video
DAY 17: GUEST – Interfacing Radicals and Cross-Coupling (T. Diao, NYU)
DAY 18: C–H Activation
WorksheetLecture Video
DAY 19: GUEST – Application, Mechanism, and Catalyst Activation in the Real World (S. Wisniewski/R. Green, BMS)
DAY 20: GUEST – Natural and Articifial Metalloenzymes (H. Renata, Scripps-FL)
• Slides • Lecture Video
DAY 22: GUEST – Catalysis in Discovery Chemistry  (R. Patman, Pfizer)
DAY 23: Photochemistry of Coordination Complexes
• Worksheet • Lecture Video

2021 Problem Sets, Midterm, and Final (Grading Keys Available Upon Request)
Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
• Final

Wikipedia Project
Since 2017, the Scripps Organometallics class created >50 new Wikipedia pages on topics relevant to coordination chemistry, organometallics, and catalysis. Below are representative articles voted among the best by the class for each year:

Artificial Metalloenzymes
Cross Electrophile Coupling
Philippe Barbier
Metallo-Ene Reaction
Beta-Carbon Elimination

Activation of Cyclopropanes by Transition Metals
Mukaiyama Hydration
Spin Forbidden Reactions
Tsuji–Wilkinson Decarbonylation Reaction
Ugi’s Amine