Forrest jumps into summer research

Forrest Graham, a rising senior from Valhalla High School in El Cahon, CA, kicks off his summer research internship in the Engle Lab. Forrest is a participant in the Life Science Summer Institute, which gives talented San Diego area high school students the opportunity to perform research at TSRI and other nearby research institutes. When he’s not busy making new ligands to promote challenging catalytic reactions, Forrest can be found running up and down Torrey Pines Road, getting ready for cross country season.


Vincent Begins Summer Internship

After making it through his final quarter as a junior at UCSD, Vincent begins his summer internship in the Engle lab as part of the SURF program. Enthusiastic to explore transition metal catalysis, Vincent decided to begin his journey by synthesizing over 10 grams of starting material for screening new methodology.