Alena wins 2022 WCC Merck Research Award

Congratulations to G4 student Alena Vasquez for winning the 2022 Women Chemist Committee (WCC) Merck Research Award, presented by the American Chemical Society. Alena was selected as one of 8 award recipients nationwide from a highly competitive pool of 3rd and 4th year Ph.D. students in the fields of Organic, Chemical Biology, Analytical, Computational or Structural Chemistry, and related disciplines. As part of the award, Alena will present at the the WCC/Merck Research Symposium held in August at the 262nd ACS National Meeting in Chicago, IL.

Catalytic Coupling of Nitroalkanes and Alkenes – Pre-Print Now Online

In a paper appearing this morning in ChemRxiv, we report the Pd(II)-catalyzed coupling of nitroalkanes and alkenes using a directed carbopalladation strategy. The combined use of PdI2 as precatalyst and HFIP as solvent proved to be uniquely effective in activating nitroalkane pronucleophiles. This finding can be leveraged in chemorthogonal activation of bis-nucleophilic coupling partners under different conditions. The resulting C(sp3)-NO2 group in the product is a versatile functional handle that can be converted into myriad useful functional groups, granting access to product structures that are otherwise difficult to prepare. Bravo to the team: Amit, Warabhorn (Por), Hui-Qi, and John!

For a link to the ChemRxiv pre-print, click here:

Annulating Ambiphile Mapping Paper – Now In Press

The final peer-reviewed version of our collaborative paper with Pfizer mapping reactivity trends in the Pd(II)/Pd(IV) catalytic annulation of alkenyl amides appears online today in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. In the paper, we describe protocols for synthesizing a diverse array 5-, 6-, and 7-membered carbon/heterocycles of ambiphilic organohalides and show how changing the structure of the nucleophile and electrophile influences reactivity. Congrats to Hui-Qi, Philliipaa, and Pranali from the Scripps Research and Shouliang, Fen, Neal, Joyann, Michelle, and Indra from Pfizer Oncology Medicinal Chemistry for another great collaboration!

Click here for a link to the article in Angewandte Chemie International Edition:

As a reminder, a pre-print of the paper first appeared in ChemRxiv back in October: