Beta-Carbon Elimination Paper – Now In Press

The peer-reviewed version of our paper describing the synthesis and characterization of elusive post-β-C-elimination organopalladium complexes is online today in Organometallics. In this paper, we find that the combination of chelation stabilization from the 8-aminoquinoline directing auxiliary and strain-release from ring-opening of the nopol framework allows for facile β-C-elimination to yield a series of N,N,π-C palladacycle products. Congrats to Taeho, Rei, Anna, and Tanner from our group at Scripps; Yue from Prof. Peng Liu’s group at University of Pittsburgh; and Arnie, Jake, and Milan from the crystallography core at UCSD.

For a link to the manuscript in Organometallics, click here:

As a reminder, a pre-print describing this work appeared at the end of October: