W-Catalyzed Isomerization–Hydroborylation Pre-Print Posted

Team Tungsten strikes again—with their latest pre-print appearing online today in ChemRxiv. This manuscript describes use of W(0) to catalyze site-selective isomerization–hydroboration of simple alkenyl amides. Conceptually, this work shows that native carbonyl groups can facilitate controlled alkene isomerization to otherwise disfavored positions, allowing for selective functionalization at classically inaccessible sites. Additionally, not only does this report mark the first use of W to catalyst a hydroboration reaction, it also demonstrates that W exhibits unique regioselectivity that complements that of existing methods with Rh and Ir. Congrats to the team, G4 student Tanner, visiting grad student Raul, and postdoc Phillippa. This study was performed in collaboration with Raul’s home lab, that of Prof. Rubén Martin at ICIQ in Tarragona, Spain.

For a link to the pre-print, click here: https://chemrxiv.org/engage/chemrxiv/article-details/60e77eb2551cb06ecbadb7a4