BCB Hydroboration Pre-Print Online

The latest story from our ongoing collaboration with the Liu group at the University of Pittsburg and Pfizer, Inc. appears online today in pre-print form on ChemRxiv. The new method effect hydroboration of benzylidenecyclopropanes, -azetidines, -oxetanes, and other related substrates. Key to the success of the reaction was the discovery of a specially modified dppbz ligand for the copper catalyst, which promotes the reaction through T-shaped π-stacking and other non-covalent interactions with the substrate. Congrats to G3 student Taeho and our high-school intern Kane from the Engle lab, Tuğçe from the Liu lab, and Gary, Alex, Sajiv, Ryan, Ru and Indra from Pfizer!

Please click here for a link to the pre-print: https://chemrxiv.org/articles/preprint/Multifaceted_Substrate_Ligand_Interactions_Promote_the_Copper-Catalyzed_Hydroboration_of_Benzylidenecyclobutanes_and_Related_Compounds/12788390