Congrats to the Class of 2020!

Huge congratulations to the Class of 2020! The Engle lab is incredibly proud of our recent, PhD, visiting PhD, and college students who are moving on to incredible jobs, postdocs, and graduate programs around the world!

Graduate Students (PhD)

Dr. Joseph Derosa: Caltech (Postdoc, J. Peters)

Visiting Graduate Students (PhD)

Dr. Xin Wang (Nankai University Medical School)

Undergrads/Visiting Undergrads

Jiahao Chen (Fudan U): Fudan University (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Ryan Helsel (UCSD): UCSB (M.A. in Chemistry / Teacher Education)
Hou-Xiang Lu (Tsinghua U): Tsinghua University (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Tian-Zhang Qiao (Nankai U): Cornell U (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Zi-Yang (Nick) Qin (USTC): Caltech (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Juntao Sun (Nankai U): Scripps Research (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Zhong-Qian Wu (Tsinghua U): UChicago (Ph.D. in Chemistry)

We are also excited that two 2019 graduates will be pursuing their Ph.D. degrees next year:

Hanh Ngyuen (UCSD): UC Irvine (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Tim Gallagher (Claremont McKenna): Scripps Research (Ph.D. in Chemistry)