New “Indestructible” Ni(0)–Olefin Precatalyst – Now Available

Appearing online today in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, we report new Ni(0)–olefin precatalyst, Ni(COD)(DQ), a remarkably stable complex that can survive, air, moisture, silica, and elevated temperature, yet still initiate in a variety of catalytic transformations. Originally, reported in 1962 by Schrauzer, Ni(COD)(DQ) has been the previously studied from a structural, spectroscopic, and fundamentally reactivity perspective, but its catalytic potential has been largely overlooked. This project is the latest success story to arise from the BMS/Scripps Research collaboration, and it was great collaborating with Drs. Steve Wisniewski, Matt Joannou, and Martin Eastgate on this investigation. Well done to all authors, including on the Scripps end: Van, Zi-Qi, Omar, and Joe. Special thanks to BMS for supporting Van’s summer internship to kick-start this project!

This catalyst is currently being commercialized by MilliporeSigma (#912794) but is not yet available for purchase (as of the time of publication). For a limited time only, to receive a free sample of this precatalyst, please email your name and shipping address to: keary(at)

For a link to the paper, click here: