Nickel-Catalyzed 1,2-Diarylation of Alkenyl Carboxylates – Now Accepted

For the past few years, our group has developed a toolkit of catalytic alkene 1,2-difunctionalization reactions using a substrate directivity strategy. Our early work employed bi- and tridentate auxiliaries for this purpose, which have proven to be highly effective and generally useful. Recently, in an exciting series of studies, we have found that simple functional groups are also capable of directing nickel-catalyzed 1,2-diarylation. In the present paper, as part of our ongoing collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb, Joe, Taeho, Van, Steve (from BMS Process Chemistry), Malkanthi, Tanner, and Kane describe the use of simple carboxylic acids as competent directing groups for alkene functionalization. After 1,2-diarylation, we can take advantage of classical and modern carboxylic acid functional group interconversions to access a myriad of 1,2,3-trifunctinoalized core structures. Nice work to all of the authors, and special congratulations to our former high school intern Kane, for publishing his first paper!

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