Reductive Heck Review is Online

Our review on palladium(0)-catalyzed reductive Heck coupling of alkenes appears online today in the new Cell Press journal, Trends in Chemistry. Reductive Heck hydroarylation is a rapidly technology that has already found utility in complex molecule synthesis and offers exciting prospects in pharmaceutical development. In 1990 Sandro Cacchi wrote a comprehensive review on this topic (click here), but much has happened in the last 30 years, and as our group has become increasingly interested in this topic, we thought it was time to summarize the state of play to stimulate further interest in this important area. Congrats to Luke and John, and special thanks to Steve and Martin from Bristol-Myers Squibb for their involvement throughout the process, and especially for offering insight into opportunities of reductive Heck coupling in the pharmaceutical industry. For a link to the review article click here.

(not pictured: John)