Three-Component Umpolung Carboamination – Now in Press

Vincent and Joe’s paper on three-component, nickel-catalyzed umpolung carboamination of alkenyl carbonyl compounds appears online today in final form at ACS Catalysis (click here). This unique transformation enables syn-selective delivery of nitrogen and carbon substituents of choice across an alkene and allows for formation of exceptionally hindered C(sp3)–C and C(sp3)–N bonds. It represents one of the few rare examples in which amine-directed N–O electrophiles (first used in two-component cross-couplings by Johnson) have been integrated into a nickel-mediated alkene functionalization process. It’s a special treat to highlight that the project lead, Vincent (now a grad student upstairs with Ryan Shenvi), performed this work as his senior-year undergrad research project while at UCSD. Props to Joe for great mentorship, and congrats to both authors! In case anyone missed it, a pre-print of this work was published on ChemRxiv back in early November (click here).