General Reductive Heck Reaction- Now in Press

Our paper describing a reductive Heck hydroarylation reaction that is compatible with a variety of terminal and internal alkenes was accepted for publication today in ACS Catal. (click here). To bring this reaction to fruition we employ a high ligand-to-Pd(0) ratio to maintain coordinative saturation around the metal and prevent beta-hydride elimination. We originally focused the study exclusively on terminal alkenes but discovered that the reaction is actually reasonably efficient with cyclic internal alkenes during the peer review, so thanks to the referees for suggesting those experiments! (Acyclic internals are still a work in progress.) One of the most notable attributes of the reaction is that is extremely simple to set up, as it uses reagents that are commonly available in any organic chemistry lab and can be performed without exclusion of air or moisture. As a bonus, it tolerates a variety of Lewis basic functional groups, including pyridine heterocycles. Hats off to John who was the mastermind behind this project and performed 100% of the experiments in the final publication. As a reminder, a pre-print of this work was published on ChemRxiv back in June (click here).

Reductive Heck