Branched-Selective Oxidative Cyanation of Alkenes (Collaboration with Cravatt Lab)

Appearing online today in J. Am. Chem. Soc., the Engle lab and Cravatt group report the results of a joint investigation, encompassing the discovery of a new copper-catalyzed method to access branched alkenyl nitriles from simple alkenes and exciting applications of these compounds in organic synthesis and chemical proteomics. Congrats to all coauthors: De-Wei, Sri, Jose, and Yiyang (Elaine) from the Engle lab; and Katya and Radu from the Cravatt lab. Thanks to the Cravatt lab for a great collaboration (hopefully, the first of many). Click here for a link to the article.


(not pictured: Sri and Yiyang (Elaine))