Catalytic, enantioselective method for allenyl boronate synthesis accepted for publication

Our manuscript describing a method to achieve catalytic, enantioselective 1,4-hydroboration of 1,3-enynes was accepted for publication in ACS Catal. Congratulations to the authors, De-Wei, Yiyang (Elaine), Mingyu, Zhen, Malkanthi, Jason, and Keary. We would also like to acknowledge our collaborators at Boehringer-Ingelheim, Dan Fandrick, Jeff Song, and Chris Senanayake, for valuable discussion and guidance. BI has a longstanding interest in allenyl boronates and related organoboron nucleophiles. (For representative papers, see: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 20101327600Org. Lett.20101288Org. Lett. 201113, 5616). Their interest in and experience with this family of compounds played an important role in the genesis of this project, and the Engle lab is looking forward to many stimulating interactions with the BI team moving forward. Click here for a link to the paper. A pre-print of this work was previously published on ChemRxiv (click here).


IMG_0195(not pictured: Yiyang (Elaine) and Mingyu)