Congrats to the Class of 2017!

Huge congratulations to the Class of 2017! The Engle lab is incredibly proud of our recent college and high school graduates, who are moving on to incredible graduate and undergraduate programs around the world!

Undergrads/Visiting Undergrads

Mark Boulous (UCSD): TBD
Annabelle Cantu (CSULB): UCLA (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Miranda Sroda (UCSD): UCSB (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Joshua Turnbull (King’s College London): UC Berkeley (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Zichen (Forrest) Wang (Nankai U): SIOC (Ph.D. in Chemistry)

High School Students

Daizy De La Torrey (Southwest High School): UC Berkeley
Jessica Xu (Maranatha Christian High School): MIT

Keary’s Former Mentees

Shao-Xiong (Lennon) Luo (Caltech): MIT (Ph.D. in Chemistry)
Maximilian Koy (Uni Stuttgart): WWU Münster (Ph.D. in Chemistry)