Tim, Omar, and Nhi complete their internships

It is a bittersweet week, as the Engle lab bids farewell to three awesome summer interns: Tim Gallagher (Claremont McKenna), Omar Apolinar (CSU San Marcos), and Nhi Nguyen (San Marcos High School). All three made huge contributions to their respective projects, and we will miss them all dearly. Thanks to all three for their hard work throughout the summer, and props to Van, Mingyu, and Rei for being great mentors. We look forward to following Tim, Omar, and Nhi’s progress throughout their careers as they take the chemistry world by storm!





Engle Lab Organizes Inaugural Organometallics Bootcamp

Senior members of the Engle lab are organizing the inaugural “Organometallics Bootcamp” for incoming first-year grad students, undergraduates, and guests from other groups at TSRI and neighboring universities. The bootcamp meets mornings from 8–9 AM and select evenings, and it covers topics ranging from basic structure and bonding to state of the art cross-coupling methods. Contact keary(at)scripps.edu if you are interested in participating.

Tridentate Directing Groups Now Available through Millipore-Sigma

MilliporeSigma has begun distributing the PPA and PAQ directing groups, which the Engle lab first described at the end of 2017. Thanks to MilliporeSigma for helping to make these useful auxiliaries more readily available to end-users across the world.


PPA directing group for amine substrates:

PAQ directing group for carboxylic acid substrates:

Rei wins Honjo International Scholarship

Huge congrats to rising G3 student Rei Matsuura who has been selected for the 2018 Honjo International Scholarship, which will provide financial support for the remainder of her graduate studies in the Engle group. As per the organization’s website, the Honjo Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships to bright students who have the potential to become outstanding leaders to contribute to the peaceful development of the global community. Way to go, Rei!