Alpha-Hydroarylation pre-print is online

The group’s latest collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb describing a palladium(0)-catalyzed α-selective hydroarylation of acrylates and acrylamides is now online at ChemRxiv. The method achieves this unusual mode of regioselectivity via the intermediacy of a PdII(Ar)(H) intermediate, as supported by kinetics, in situ 31P NMR, and other experiments. The utility of the method is underscored by the fact that it can be run in an open-flask fashion, can employ water as a cosolvent, and can tolerate a variety of heterocycles and base-sensitive functional groups. Congrats to Alena and John from the Engle lab, and Candice and Emily from BMS!

For a link to the pre-print, click here: